A Secret Garden

Here she is looking for bees in a bed of allsium.

There is nothing I love more than to enjoy my garden with a cup of tea. I can honestly tell you that my garden in one of my biggest inspirations next to my beautiful daughters Aurora 11years and Luna-Scarlette 5years. My little one, Luna is just like her Mamma at the tender age of 5, she is learning botanical names of plants that catch her interest and I am afraid to admit that she knows more than did at the age of 35.


The moment hubby and I found our home (5 1/2 years ago), I was 7 months pregnant with Luna and my eldest Aurora was going on 6 years old. I had no clue about gardening, in fact our house had a beautiful established garden. However it just did not reflect my taste and style. At first all I did was water the garden just to keep it alive!


But slowly my love for gardening took on a life of its own…

3 years back I attend the annual #ludwigsgardentour , and this is where my passion for roses grew.  So deep is my love for roses that I now have a  rose garden that boasts over 300 rose bushes and counting… many of them #davidaustinroses an English rose variety with beautiful old fashioned colours and form.

I was once told that you should decorate your garden they way you would your home… a strange concept at first but it really helped me as I embarked on this journey of decorating my garden with plants. One room leads into another with focal points and entry ways the lure you in. I will be writing a post about each room as soon as my garden starts to bloom.

In the far corner of my garden lies a secret garden with a beautiful arched gate smothered in lady banks roses. A stunning statue almost 100 years old (a gift from my uncle) take pride of place and is surrounded by #davidautinroses #ambridgerose lambs ear and many iris’s and bulbs. Reclaim pavers lead you up to a center point and boxed hedges formalize the garden.

Under a beautiful young Magnolia tree is a pretty little garden bench tucked neatly in the corner. With its beautiful shade and quiet surroundings I can sit back read a book or just have some quiet time. This little spot gives much needed shade from the heat of the day with a pretty views of the rest of the garden. A sweet little bird bath sits next to the bench surrounded by ferns and a “Just Joey” rose.

A place to rest, read and admire the beauty that only mother nature can create.  A place for me and my girls to make cherished memories. It’s a place to stop and smell the rose.

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