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Kylie a lovely new edition to Romancing the Home came up with this weeks challenge.

One that in all fairness I should have come up with … lol anyway, none the less I think this is a great way to start the year.

Challenge this week is to set some design goals for the year…I have to admit I have never done this!

Challenge accepted!

As a designer, I have always free fallen when it comes to my own home, maybe because it is a safe place. I get to experiment and feel my way around, a luxury I don’t get when designing for my client’s houses, it’s pretty much a once off shot.

When Hubby and I started our new home all of 17 years ago we were living in a cottage on my parent’s property and I have always gravitated to white and old vintage pieces, so all those years ago before vintage was a thing I inherited some family furniture that everyone thought was trash! I painted everything white and well it worked!

Moving on 17+ years later my house is still white and even though some pieces have met their expiry date some are still so loved!

But before I get into all the good stuff here are some rules I have made for myself:

  1. Only buy items if they fit with the plan
  2. keep my visual board on hand to refer back
  3. no small items save to buy the bigger pieces that are on my plan
  4. sell unused items (I have found that FB marketplace is a great way to sell unwanted items)
  5. keep my eye on the end game

Area One:

Entrance and Hallway

After our Kitchen/living room renovation, we removed all the old skirting and then soon after decided a bathroom reno was in order so, we thought let’s hold off putting skirting in as the builders are not exactly mindful and would cause more damage than necessary.

So the time has come…I had got a quote on skirting for the house and OMG it was going to cost us an absolute fortune. After chatting to a friend of mine about my dilemma, she told me about her sister’s husband who made their own skirting. I will do a blog on this once we figure it all out…stay tuned for this one.

Our hallway is long and narrow, I have kept the walls simple by using Botanical prints and added some of my vintage plate collections, I want to up the “ante” so to speak by wallpapering two feature walls with a dado rail that will run the full length of my hallway, maybe also add some wainscoting while we at it.

A while back I bought some stunning Laura Ashley Wallpaper in a navy and white Brid and Botanical print, called “Summer Palace – Royal Blue” Using this stunning wallpaper I want to update my entryway table to a gold simple narrow server and add a stunning vignette of faux flowers, books and candles.

I will have the table custom made as I have not found anything I like. All my inspo pics are compliments of my most reliable friend “Pintrest”.

Area Two:


With our bathroom reno, I made a sneaky little move and added french doors to our study that lead onto the patio and re-tiled. Gone were those ugly 80’s brown and floral tiles…eeeww!!!

I went for a classic black and white checkerboard tile and have since been working on getting the patio to just how I want it to look!

Adding in my all time fav blue and white with rattan ottomans and rug, cathedral mirrors and some fresh patio plants.

I have done a lot so far, remaining elements are a large beaded chandelier and some smaller decor pieces to tie the look together, such as new scatter cushions and a few more blue/white planters maybe a nice throw or two.

My goal this year is to create an inviting and stylishly classic patio where we can sit and enjoy with friends and family.

Area Three:


Last but not least my lounge, I have played so much with the styling for this space, that it is getting me a little frustrated. My challenge with this room is that it is small and has a large window that I can not put anything against, plus the position of the TV point and fireplace are just in awkward positions. We planning a big reno that will fix all of this but until then…

The sofa…I eventually found a sofa that worked but now I’m on the hunt for a TV unit, that will go with my new coffee table. I’m thinking along the lines of a cabinet that I can hide the TV in so that when we have visitors, we can have a place to chill. Sadly don’t have a formal lounge area! I would also like to bring in a bit of a weathered wood look and maybe while I’m at it update my dining room table top and maybe get some nice new cross back chairs.

This will be a tough one but I’m looking forward to it.

Stay tuned for more on all my updates, I hope that I have inspired you to create some decor goals yourself and please do share!

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