Decorating for the Holidays, No.14 in our series #romancingthehome


This is just simply the best time of the year! What more can I say…

Nostalgia, family, twinkling lights, magical moments shared, little ones filled with excitement and wonder!

This week in Romancing the Home series we all bring you a little taste of the holidays and share how we romance our home during this special time of year.

It is time to haul out the tree and the decorations!

Hubby, on the other hand, does not seem to enjoy digging out all the decor, but I’m like a kid in a candy store!

As soon as I open the box, I get this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

Each little glass ball hand-picked that carries a certain meaning to me.

I’m a sentimental kind of girl and Christmas is by far no exception. Through the years I have bought so many tree pieces that have true meaning, whether it be a jewelled crown from our travels in Paris to a large mercury glass bauble that I found in a thrift store in London, a pretty little bird in a nest that I bought in Franschhoek last year, to my favourite a delicate glass bauble I found in Barcelona with the nativity set.

Taking home a Christmas ornament that you can admire each year from your travels, that’s what makes it so personal and special.

Not all my pieces have such meaning some are just beautiful fillers. I made a choice a few years back that I would spend money and buy the best and biggest tree I could afford and started with some basic good quality fillers. I use them every year as they are all in gold and silver, and because I look after them and they were of good quality I get to enjoy them every year.

But what fun is just a plain silver and gold tree, don’t get me wrong it can be absolutely stunning, but I am in a total love story with the colour Blush and I could not wait to put our tree together with all the items I have found on my “Blush” brigade!

I found these beautiful ornate cherub ornaments from Grandiflora 

They came in this beautiful box 16 in a set for R399.00 the perfect gift for a bestie and the perfect choice for my blush tree.

I saw these big beautiful blush feather again from Grandiflora and I thought …hey why not! I just love the way they look in the tree. It adds whimsy feel to the look along with some big faux roses in the most delicate of blush pinks! There are no rules to decorating a tree, except make memories with your family and put on some Christmas Carols.

As a Cristian, Christmas is a time of reflection that our Lord Jesus is a real and wonderful part of our lives, and we are celebrating his birthday!

I remember when Aurora was little, I would explain to her the true meaning of Christmas that it is not just about Santa and gifts that it is celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. She would insist on singing Happy Birthday to him and of course, we had to have party packs. So each tiny guest that arrived at the house got a party pack for Jesus’s birthday party! Moments like those are really the beauty in this special time of the year!

On our Mantel I have a simple Nativity set that takes pride of place, reminding us of what Christmas is all about.

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