DIY Christmas Wreath, No.13 in our series #romancingthehome


Welcoming Christmas in with a beautiful Christmas wreath sets the tone for the holidays.

Each year I plan the theme and colour pallet for my Christmas decor and my creative juices start flowing, this year I’m totally in love with the clour BLUSH!

As the season rolls in I will bring you all my Christmas favourites and focus on some family traditions that make this time of the year the best time of the year.

So with last weeks blog on a Christmas pudding 

#romancingthehome will take you on a festive journey full of creativity, tradition and of course romancing your home.

This week we welcome Christmas with a DIY Christmas wreath.

I opted for a faux wreath as the wreath will be in pride of place for the entire holidays. I might add some fresh roses to the wreath on Christmas morning if the weather is not too hot.


Start with all your elements, I like to do a test run by casually placing elements on my wreath until I am happy with the look.

I sprayed my rattan wreath in a copper colour as they only had a white wreath and I found it a little to understated for Christmas after all no one can judge you for blinging up Christmas, in fact, it is expected!

Cut all your faux stems down using a wire cutter.

Cut all faux flowers down but leave length on the stems to weave through the wreath.

I bought most of my items from Grandi Flora City Deep they have such a beautiful range of items to choose from and shopping is made easy as all decor is colour coded!


I wanted to show off some of the rattan wreath so I asymmetrically arrange the flowers off to one side.

Place some of your longer leave items in place and add the bigger items to finish off the look.

I kept the artichokes from my 40th and dried them out and add it to the wreath as a last minute item. I think it works perfectly.

I did not glue any of these pieces onto the wreath however you can use a hot glue gun to hold them more permanently in palce

Lastly, add your feathers, I paid R10 for each feather and I have bought a few extra to add to the tree.

I have put together a few store-bought options for you for just in case!

Multiflora from R220- R340

Grandi Flora Christmas Shopping

@home online

Prices from: R399.00

I am so excited for the Christmas season to begin, join us next week where we decorate for the holidays

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