Easter time is one of my favorite times of the year. In the Christian calendar, this ranks higher than that of Christmas. 

Why…??? Well In our faith that Jesus the son of God gave his life for our eternal life in heaven, God gave his only son. Growing up, my mom always taught me the true significance of Easter but until I was a parent myself, I had no idea of the sacrifice God mad for us. Beautiful isn’t it!

Spending time with our family and kids is always a top priority for me, even though life can get completely out of control and I feel like a cat chasing my tail.



This is the perfect time to spend quality time with the kids, Aurora my almost 12-year-old is not super keen to join in the fun but she amused me and joined in. 

Luna my little one was all too keen.

In saying that I choose two little activities for them to do:

  1. A Cute stuffed bunny
  2. woolies decorating kit

I made a Bunny template out of cardboard, please feel free to copy the image or email me and I will send it to you.

Link to my email in Get in Touch page

I always keep scrap fabrics and as I am from the clothing industry I always have petty fabrics lying around. 

Stich about 5mm around the edge of the bunny and leave a small opening at the bottom so you can fill the bunny with batting.

I made a little fabric heart for the kids to insert into the bunny.

Stich the bottom closed and now its time to add the decorations. This is the fun part for the kids, a cute little pompom bunny tale, googly eyes, and some flowers and ribbon is all you need. I attached these with a hot glue gun, please be sure not to burn yourself as these gadgets are the cause of many many blisters on my hands! No joke they pretty dangerous if you get that clue anywhere near your skin.

So easy for the kids to do and they loved their little bunnies, Even my tween Aurora loved her bunny!



I bought this sweet egg decorating kit from Woolies Easter Treats

Very cute it was a full kit all you needed was eggs and vinegar 

The kids loved dying the eggs in multi colors and the kit came with googly eyes and stickers.

Brought so much joy to the little ones.


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