Life is short … Buy the Roses!

I’m so excited about this months theme, Elevate your everyday…What a lovely way to live!

For the last few months I have been listening to Pod Casts while driving in the car, I find the quiet time allows me to really taken in all the information with out too many distractions.

There are many podcasts I listen to, I will share them with you at the bottom of this page if you would like to have a listen.

The one podcast that inspired me to write this blog is from a Decorating Pod Cast called

Decorating Tips and Tricks Episode 268

While listening to this Pod cast, I realized one thing…there are many kinds of people in this world and I’m grateful that I belong to the variety of “the little beautiful moments count”

Some people just cannot believe that I do these simple yet “extravagant” gestures every day! Yes, I said every day!

Let me share with you the 5 little things in my life that make my heart overflow and I try to do them every day!

  1. I drink my tea in a beautiful cup or even better a beautiful cup and saucer, why save the good stuff for special occasions…every day is special! I tell you that, this little time I get to be feminine and embrace a morning or afternoon moment is incredibly recharging to the soul. I make sure that each evening after dinner our dining table is dressed in a pretty vase of fresh flowers and is looking beautiful for the next day to start. If I want to take my tea to the next level, I often will flip through my favourite coffee table books

2: This bring me to point number two, being a creative I need a little “kick up the Butt” to get myself feeling inspired and I tell you nothing quite like opening up the pages of a book that is just Filled with Inspiration! Page after page is filled with beauty and creativity. I have 4 such books that just get me swooning:

Patina Style:

Patina Farm:

Patina Living:

My French Country Cottage:

3: Make time to do something or go somewhere that makes you happy! This is a really open comment…I get it sometimes it really difficult to get out and indulge in life’s little pleasures, but if not now when???? Now I know finances and time play a huge roll in this point…but life is not just getting into your car…driving to work…and paying the bills! You have to spoil yourself! Otherwise where is the incentive to do this routine over and over again!

I have a few guilty pleasures, one is buying something for my house or simply having a cup of coffee with a friend, better yet…going to my favourite place in all of Jozi called Morrells Boutique Estate! There is no denying that just walking through those gates you are transported through space and time to France in years gone by…This place just inspires me as for many of us out there know, travel is a luxury and this is my cheat…I get to go to France at least once a month! 😉

4: Buy the Flowers!!! I must … Just must… have fresh flowers in my house! Now I know I am maybe just really indulging here, but there is just something about this incredible gift from God that makes me so incredibly happy. I often find myself staring at them and I’m totally in awe of their beauty…
I am fortunate enough to work really close the biggest floral Market in Johannesburg, but Woolies has a beautiful and really great quality roses as well. I say life is just too short not to have fresh flowers in your home! This point is a non-negotiable for me!
I always have a rose, lavender or fresh flower next to my bed! Always! I also have the dotted around the house next to the coffee and tea station, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks. My little Luna who is 6 now has been putting a flower next to her bed since she was 3 years old…could you imagine how proud that makes me.

5: Lastly Make your room your sanctuary…I wrote a blog about my bedroom a while back you can read it here: Romantic Bedroom

I believe you bedroom is sacred! Yes, I do have two very naughty Duchounds that completely take over our bed at night…but none the less my room is my break away from craziness of the day!

There is no better luxury than to sleep on the finest cotton bed sheets! I know this is a financial investment, but it is so worth it! I wait for the sales and only buy white bedding for my room. Crisp Clean Bedding is the ultimate in luxury! Take experience just the one step further, I Pillow mist my linen every day and it goes without saying that I make my bed every day! No Skipping!!!

Here is how I make my own Pillow Mist:

x10 drops of essential oils, I love the Ludwigs Rose and Sandle wood oil

x1 spray bottle

Put the drops into the bottle and add boiling hot water to infuse the oils

So, in saying all of this there is one more small point I want to share with you…Why keep the perfect china in the china cabinet or keep the silver just for a special occasion? Enjoy every day, make time for yourself and indulge in a little everyday pleasure! It will make all the difference.

I will doing a giveaway for a Pillow Mist to lucky reader… keep a look out on my FB and Instagram page!

Here is the list of my fav podcasts

“Join us in France” – this podcast is hosted by a wonderful French lady Called Annie Sargent. Through her podcast I am transported to France on my way to work.

The Simply luxurious Life” – This podcast is really all about elevating your everyday, The host Shannon Ables an acute Francophile shares wonderful ways to uplift your everyday and she shares topics on being a Francophile.

Till next time….

Please check out Stacy from Saw Dust and High Heels! I simply love her take on this this months theme…Stacy! Hats off you you girl! Not everything is always picture perfect…but we try!