It’s a Feeling, Not something you can buy!

Wow, it’s been a while….Got to admit that being away on holiday for so long it is really hard to bring myself back to reality.

But what a wonderful topic to write my first blog post on since my return. Talia from My Shabby Shack has been telling me about this Danish Word called “Hygge”

Being a winter month the theme for Romancing the Home was winter/Hygge. From my reasearch and the really well writen blog by Talia (click here -Hygge-A journey of the Soul) Hygge is all about creating and elevating your daily routines and creating a “Hygge” way of life. Making life and your home a little more cozy.

I also found this really lovely pod cast that I have started to listen to called “The Hygge Planner show”

“Your 8-min break to Unzip Comfort Zone & Craft A Cosiness-Based Way Of Life So That You Keep Up A Family Lifestyle You’re Happy With: Cosy, Homey, Comfy”

This theme really spoke to me for many reasons, and with our upcoming theme for August “Elevate your everyday” I was so excited to learn more about this way of life. Funny thing is that I seem to already be living somewhat of a”Hygge” life. My love for the everyday life and making my house a home has always been the way I have lived. I try everyday to make life a little more beautiful. To stop and smell the roses and make each day count.

This was a gift that I got from being so sick a few years back. You truly never know when life will change and it really makes you feel that each day is a blessed and special gift.

I will delve a little deeper in next month RTH and share with you how I try to make each day a little more special.

I found this 7 day Hygge Challange on Pintrest while doing my research and I though why not…Who is with me on this Hygge Challange…

I will post from Monday on my social media feed my “Hygge challange…Won’t you play along?

Till next time friends:

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