La Vie en Rose, a tour through my rose garden, No.7 in our series #romancingthehome

I guess it is no secret that I have a problem with that I just can not help myself to anything roses! I wrote in a blog a few weeks ago that my love for roses began on my first Ludwig Roses bus tour. It all began with this one rose… I fell in love with a David Austin Roses called “Sharifa Asma”. The old-fashioned look and smell are heavenly as like all of David Austin Roses. A Rose without a smell…well is not a Rose!
To date, I have over 30 varieties in David Austin alone and over 350 rose bushes and counting.

Above are some pictures from last years gardens, my bestie and I have attended three tours together. The champagne, of course, does not hurt!

I would love to take you on a tour of my garden to show you some of my favourite rose varieties.

I have grown two beautiful climbers on either side of the chicken coop. They’re quite young plants and only their first full year in the ground. The beauty of a garden is that the more mature the garden, the better it becomes and this is especially true for roses.

Iceberg roses get a bad rep, but I have to say they are the backbone to my garden. In mass planting, they fill the garden continuously with blooms and have the sweetest softest sent. Here I have planted a hedge of Iceberg roses, and what a show they give.

I love a mix of soft pastel shades with a small pop of colour every now and then. Burgundy and Fushia stand out in the soft tones of the garden. The only colour rose I do not have in my garden is red.

In another corner of the garden, I have a beautiful display of roses with a centre urn and crown, climbing Eden rose are yet to do their thing, apparently next year I should see a beautiful show. They are just gorgeous roses and I love the soft two-tone of green and pink. The soft elegance of a country garden and the formal look of hedging really appeal to me. The garden has areas or pockets of mixed country style planting with roses being the crowning glory.

On the other side of the garden lies a secret garden with an arch of Lady Banks roses and flowering wisteria. read more about this part of the garden here.

A secret garden

I hope you have enjoyed my garden tour with me.

Here are some tips and tricks for taking care of roses:

  1. Water well. Roses need at least 10 litres of water per week.
  2. Rather water twice a week for a longer period of time than often and lightly. Roses need water to get to their roots in order to flower and stay healthy.
  3. Feed your roses once a month with Ludwigs Vigaroser and water well after each feeding.
  4. Deadhead frequently during the flowering season to encourage new flowers.
  5. Spray regularly to get rid of aphids and black spot. I use Chronos which you can purchase from Ludwigs. I dose my rose at pruning time and apply another dose when the rainy season begins.
  6. Prune at the end of July down to 3 main canes and all at the same height, remove all leaves. This method excludes climbing roses, however, if possible remove leaves. Here is a link to a great pruning guide. Rose pruning in SA
  7. Most of all, stop and smell the roses!

I purchased all my roses from Ludwigs Rose they have a wonderful selection of David Austin Roses and many others.

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