In keeping with a new years theme of all things fresh and organized, and let’s be honest there is no better way to start a new year.

The theme for this week was “pretty and Practical”. I thought this is a perfect opportunity to write a blog on my Pantry and some clever storage ideas I have in my kitchen. I am pretty proud of how it all turned out some of these were featured in “HOME/TUIS” Mag about our Kitchen…read more here …Kitchen article 2017

The Pantry

When we renovated our kitchen two years ago, I had this very ugly corner “Pantry” cabinet, that had a door that had fallen off and was totally useless…what and eye sore!

I thought  I need a space that will look attractive and where I could decant all my groceries into jars so I can actually see what I have!

I used all my existing cabinets from my old kitchen but reworked them into a more functional way.

Using my existing upper cabinets I stacked them all together to form one long and narrow bottom unit, added some wooden legs to them and a large wooden top that I stained to look more aged.

Above the new cabinets, I added piping shelves with reclaimed scaffold planks. I configured the shelves to allow access for my microwave.

The back portion of the shelving I applied a stunning wallpaper all the way from Malta, the pattern linked that of the azure tile I used as my backsplash. I love how fresh and pretty it all looks.

Now it’s the perfect backdrop to all my jars and a lovely place to work in.

See below some pics of the before and after!

Fruit Basket

I am a firm believer in keeping healthy snacks out for the family, but I did not want to clutter my kitchen counters, so i came up with a genius way (if I may so so myself) to store my fresh fruit.

I found these very sweet iron wall planters at a decor store and thought hey why not use these for fruit! They look so homely and the fruit always looks inviting.

Veggies and  Wooden Boards

I found these stunning little baskets at Builders Wearhouse for about R99.00 I got three of them and placed them under my kitchen island. I think to see the veggies in baskets add to the cozyness farmhouse feel.

On this same island, I have added a rail I bought online from Hobby lobby in the US to hang my collection of wooden boards, I also have two hanging from my wall planter. This keeps my work surfaces clean and clear.

Little tips and Tricks I use in my kitchen:

Keep the Basics at hand:

Next, to my stove, I keep my oil jars decanted and contain them in a pretty vintage dish. Catches the spills and looks pretty

Boards and measuring spoons:

When you need to get dinner going in a rush, you don’t want to be fussing for chopping boards not to mention baking. I invested in these stunning marble cutting boards and this absolutely stunning measuring spoon set! The spoon sets hang from my open shelving and again keep my counters clean and clear.

Lastly, I like to keep something to measure my flour, kids cereal, sugar etc in the jar. I use old teacups, vintage egg cups etc, easy to get what I need and of course very pretty!

ps. use can pick up these tinny egg cups at thrift stores just about anywhere, people just don’t use them any more but I find them super handy!

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