“It’s spring again. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” author unknown

Well it that time of year, which also happens to be my most favorite time of year! It’s spring… Birds chirping, bees buzzing, buds forming, wisteria sprouting into the most beautiful of flowers and my little Hen hatching a couple of eggs…little cuties
It is also the start of a wonderful creative collaboration that I am honored to be a part of. The beautiful ladies of #romancingthehome. A team of dynamic, creative, inspiring woman who share a great passion of mine for designing, homemaking, flowers, dinning and all things vintage…with a little french country thrown in for good measure.


Join us while we create, style and share our homes with you. Read more about us here:


To welcome spring #romancingthehome your home with a beautiful wreath it just a perfect way to inspire and welcome your guests to your house..


I love the soft clours and organized chaos a country garden grows, I have tried to capture this in my country garden wreath.


In this step by step guide I have put together some simple techniques on how to achieve this simple country garden wreath.



Step 1:
Choose some seasonal flowers with a large focal flower and a complimenting flowers with different textures and shapes, be sure to add in filler flowers.
In this case I have used ornamental Kale and cluster roses to compliment the focal colour and add a pop of pink. Filler vines and flowers are used to create the whimsy part of the wreath, here I have used Waxsim and Austrian tea bush as well as spiked snap dragons that I grow in my garden.



Step 2:
Ensure you soak your oasis overnight in water …start with your focal flower



Step 3:

Arrange flowers in one direction starting with the focal flower and then your complimentary flower.


Step 4:
Fill in making sure you follow the natural flow of the wreath.
Add your ribbon for hanging.
Remember to spray your flowers every day to keep them fresh.


A country garden Wreath with the sweetest smell…”hello spring!

All that’s left to do is hang your wreath on your door to welcome your family and guest….

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