How to Style a Mantle in a few easy steps.


Romancing the Home this week wanted to share some ideas on how to style a Mantle. Seem simple enough…right???? But it can be tricky, and feeling overwhelmed by all of this you can miss a great opportunity to get creative and unlike other areas in your house, this is a fantastic opportunity to change things up style-wise that you can not necessarily do with bigger pieces of furniture.

So let’s talk firstly about my own fireplace and how each fireplace has its own unique qualities that lend itself to how you can style it.

5 Key points:

Please feel free to use these points as guidelines to assess your own fireplace.

  1. ? What are your own personal style and that of your home?
  2. ? What is the size and shape of your mantle 
  3. ? What season am I decorating for?
  4. ? Do I have a backdrop to display my key items and will they stand out?
  5. ? Do I have a focal point, ie: mirror, artwork. If artwork would you like to contrast the artwork or use colors to blend in with the piece?


Taking into consideration all of the above, we can now start to design the concepts


Here are the Answers to my own fireplace and mantel:

  1. Personal and home style is, French country, mostly whites
  2. Small mantel ledge with ornate mantel
  3. Season I will be decorating for, Easter elegance with a country flair (this point will vary as you change the styling)
  4. The backdrop is a rustic raw clay brick, whites and soft colors will blend in well and stand out against the wall 
  5. The focal point is a large white ornate mirror


5 Easy steps to syle a Mantel

  1. Focal point – could be a large mirror or art
  2. Visual Weight – a centerpiece that is large and stately, I love to use a floral display
  3. Layering – adding depth by using old books stacked or behind other smaller items, I also like to use smaller vases with a single bloom
  4. Adding accessories of various heights and shapes – be creative and use interesting pieces
  5. Movement – a great way to get movement is to use various heights in accessories or candlesticks. I never buy the same height candlestick.


Is essential in styling use your eye as your guideline if it is not pleasing to your eye than, don’t be afraid to move things around. Our minds are conditioned to balance and you will instinctively know if something is off.

I have put together 3 looks that were very quick and easy to display, hope you have found this useful and if so please leave a comment or a pic of your own fireplace. I would love to see and be inspired by you.


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