Summer Sprizer, No.9 in our series #romancingthehomesundays


You can just feel the holidays are just about on our doorsteps, the weather is warming up and it just a wonderful time of year!

Summer days lazing on the patio, braai’s, family…what more could you want!

I love to entertain! Having a friend, family and the impromptu visit from a neighbour is always an opportunity to let my creative crazy out to play!

We were challenged this week to a “Summer Cocktail” and I have to say I am super excited for this one. My initial reaction was a G&T, but on second thought, how on earth do I top the one I did from my party?????

To find some inspiration for this blog I hopped onto Pinterest my good ol’ friend and pinned away! So many beautiful ideas came up and I was incredibly inspired!

I decided on a Rose Spritzer with delicious Cheery and Mable syrup with a hint of Lavender. Can you spot that I am rose and lavender “cray cray”!

I thought that if I was doing only one cocktail I would try my hand a flower/cherry Ice bucket. Not as easy as it might seem.

Presentation is just as important as execution. Setting the tone with a something pretty always takes anything you do to the next level and your guest will feel so special for all the extra effort you have done. After all, life is too short to not indulge every now and then.

Top tip: Patience is the key here, you need to do this in stages, but it was so worth it!

Here is my step by step DIY flower ice-ice bucket!

Now for the Good Part:

This is what you will need for a Summer Rose Spritzer


1x Bottle of good Rose Wine ( I used River Garden Rose 2018 – Flower Collection)”  I chose this wine for the most part because I loved the label on the bottle! But I’m sure it will taste amazing. I love to Buy SA wines, this is from the beautiful city of Stellenbosh in the Western Cape.

10-15x pitted cherries

5-10x cherries for dressing

2x tsp of real maple syrup

5x sprigs of lavender (flowers removed) – home grown from my garden.

5-10x sprigs lavender for dressing

1x Bottle of the best Rose Wine you can get

1x Finch and Leeds Club soda (normal soda water will do just as well)


  • Puree the cherries, lavender flowers, maple syrup till its a fine puree
  • Add a teaspoon of puree to the bottom of the glass
  • Top with half and half Rose Wine and Soda
  • Add a sprig or two of lavender and a slithered Cherry to the side of the glass

I served my Spritzer with a delicious cheese board for a Sunday afternoon sundowner.

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