Elevate Your Every Day

Life is short ... Buy the Roses! I'm so excited about this months theme, Elevate your everyday...What a lovely way to live! For the last few months I have been listening to Pod Casts while driving in the car, I find the quiet time allows me to really taken in all the information with out too many distractions. There are many podcasts

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What My Mamma Taught Me

"All that I am, or Hope to be, I owe to my Mother" Abe Lincon Another week and another Romancing the Home, Its mothers day, and I have to tell you I have the best Mommy in all the world!I'm going to keep this one short and sweet - Just like my mom! ;)I thought I would touch briefly on a few points, my

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Embracing The Feminine – My girls bathroom reno

Embracing the Feminine, Romancing the Home Challenge for the month of May.We decided to play things up a little and give our self a little more creative freedom by using a broad theme, that will allow each of these Talented ladies, to work with their strengths.Stacy, Saw Dust, and High Heels, is a DIY guru! Talia, My Shabby Shack is an incredibly talented artist, baker, and

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Easter Table Scape

Setting a festive Easter table is such fun!!! You can let your inner child come out to play a little.I tried to keep things super simple and easy by keeping the decor light and colourfull. Instead of a fancy underplate, I used these faux grass squares that I have had for many years! you will be surprised how many times I have been able to

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Easter Fun with the Kids

Easter time is one of my favorite times of the year. In the Christian calendar, this ranks higher than that of Christmas. Why...??? Well In our faith that Jesus the son of God gave his life for our eternal life in heaven, God gave his only son. Growing up, my mom always taught me the true significance of Easter but until I was a parent myself,

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Styling a Mantel

How to Style a Mantle in a few easy steps.  Romancing the Home this week wanted to share some ideas on how to style a Mantle. Seem simple enough...right???? But it can be tricky, and feeling overwhelmed by all of this you can miss a great opportunity to get creative and unlike other areas in your house, this is a fantastic opportunity to change

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Bon Appetite

"Always remember, if you're alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always pick it up, who's going to know?" Julia Child Hi Friends, so this week on #romancingthehome we share our favorite Autumn recipe with you. From the get-go I knew exactly which one I would be sharing. My absolute fav of all time Boeuf Bourguignon!  But

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Tea & Coffee Station

It never ceases to amaze me how time just flies! Wow, another week. I have lost count how many #romancingthehome blogs we have done and beyond that how inspired and grateful I am to have this blog series to keep me motivated.This week we had a last minute change of plans, and a "Tea and Coffee Station" became the topic for the week. I really

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Autumn Wreath

Another week and another challenge, I love making a wreath to enter a new season in. Its almost a celebration of sorts! Again I sat back thinking I'm so grateful for #romancingthehome as ordinarily, I would have let the change of a season pass without taking the time to be thankful for the beautiful Summertime, we have just had and to welcome in a

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Herb Garden

When hubby and I bought our forever home I could not wait to start a herb garden of my own. As a little girl, I can remember my mom cooking up a storm for our Sunday guest. Our house was somewhat of a "Gathering" house for family and friend and my mom and dad loved entertaining. My mom would include me in

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