It never ceases to amaze me how time just flies! Wow, another week. I have lost count how many #romancingthehome blogs we have done and beyond that how inspired and grateful I am to have this blog series to keep me motivated.

This week we had a last minute change of plans, and a “Tea and Coffee Station” became the topic for the week. I really like this idea as I have a sweet little set up ready to go and I was able to put a little more focus on sharing one of my best biscuit recipes and a family chai tea recipe with you.


So let me begin with a few ideas and background, regarding my tea and coffee station

Firstly, let me start off by saying that not all “Tea and Coffee Stations” are not all created equal! Gone are the days when just a few canisters housed the bare necessities and simply got a place in the mug cupboard on stashed somewhere in the corner. 

These days and in my own home, I think of this as an extension of my personal style and as I am a massive tea drinker, therefore this is the most frequently visited area in our house. My Beautiful friend Chantal AKA “Bestie” was gracious enough to invite me to her vacation home in Ballito on the North coast of KwaZulu Natal. Her home is just breathtaking, but the funny thing is the two things, I remember the most about that holiday is the simple elegant tea and coffee station and how she styled it and the smell of the place. It had the softest sent of “Orchid Bloom” and @home fragrance.share

I came home after my holiday feeling very inspired to create a sweet little spot just like this in our, then “new” home. The kitchen was really ugly at the time, but I thought to myself. I will still put a pretty station together and leave a little special item/s aside for after my reno. 

My mother shared in our holiday and I told her of my plans, She was just so sweet and bought me these Beautiful jars and told me “It’s for my one-day dream kitchen”. I have the best Mama!  So the day we completed the reno I brought these out and they really are special and sentimental. They really are very fragile and not practical for everyday use, however, I love them so I store extras in them and have them as part of my display.


I style my T&C station with a fresh rose from my garden and on a beautiful mercury glass tray. In winter I simply cut foliage or some lavender sprigs so there is always something pretty to look at. My sugar pot is a new edition to my vintage silver collection, I picked it up from an antique store for R150!!! what a steal. I love how it creates a talking point.

There is also a pretty tin to collect my used tea bags for the compost, a pretty spoon in each jar as well as a  little vintage silver jug to hold all my mixed collectors’ spoons. I try to keep things practical and pretty, by placing vintage sugar jar that lost it’s the lid to hold the dirty spoons and my Royal Albert cup and saucer ready for my tea break.

It’s all there ready for use, mugs all in prints of navy and white are housed in the cupboard below as well as my filter coffee and plunger. 

I also always have a jar full of Rusks, biscuits don’t seem to last in the house!

I asked my Mom to show me how she made “The original” Chai tea from back when I was a little girl.

My Mom grew up in Kenya so they were very influenced by the locals who happened to be amazing cooks and taught my family traditional Indian curries and Chai Tea.

It’s actually very simple.

This is how she did it:

To a pot of  half-filled cold milk add:

x10 cardamon pods, my mom suggests you crack them to release the flavor

x1 tsp ginger powder – or fresh whichever you prefer

x1 tsp cinnamon 

x1/2 tsp nutmeg – freshly grated is best, I ran out 🙁

x1/2 black pepper

pinch of sugar

x2 Tea bags – you can use rooibos if you prefer

Top the pot up with water and let simmer for about 15min, don’t bring to the boil.

Strain and enjoy! 

Really it is so delicious and healthy for you.




I thought I would make my most favorite cookie of all time! I had a little help for head chef Luna…

White chocolate and Macadamia cookie. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! AHHH they were divine!

Good old Pinterest recipe! 

See you next time and thank you for taking the time to read all the way down to here….gosh I can go on and on some times! 

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