Floral and Tablescape trends 2020

Tablescape and Floral trends 2020 Hello...anyone out there... It has been forever since I last wrote a blog...so please excuse me if I am a little rusty. But better late than never! So here goes... In December 2019, I was so blessed to take part of a collaborative effort with talent overload! Together us ladies could possibly take over the world but,

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Elevate Your Every Day

Life is short ... Buy the Roses! I'm so excited about this months theme, Elevate your everyday...What a lovely way to live! For the last few months I have been listening to Pod Casts while driving in the car, I find the quiet time allows me to really taken in all the information with out too many distractions. There are many podcasts

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Girl Friends Day Out

Embracing the Feminine is this month RTH theme and I took the opportunity to spend quality time with my dear friend and fellow "foodie" Jen.Jen and I have been friends for over 20 years, we have shared way too many special moments and this past Saturday was one of those special moments.  A few weeks ago, I posted a food pic on my IG

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What My Mamma Taught Me

"All that I am, or Hope to be, I owe to my Mother" Abe Lincon Another week and another Romancing the Home, Its mothers day, and I have to tell you I have the best Mommy in all the world!I'm going to keep this one short and sweet - Just like my mom! ;)I thought I would touch briefly on a few points, my

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Festive Family Traditions

Festive Family Traditions, No.15 in our series #romancingthehome   2 Week to go till Christmas! Can you believe it!!! I just love this time of year! You would literally have to be the "Grinch" not to enjoy this time of year! Romancing the Home promised to share all the festive cheer and Traditions that Chrismas brings, but there are just

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Naughty Forties….

  So my bestie got a running start to the infamous "Naughty Forties". With Mine only a few months away, I wanted to look back on this event and not only admire my handy work but a friendship that will hopefully see us into our Fabulous fifties, sexy sixties and beyond. Chantal is what you would consider a outrageously lavish and OTT kinda girl, nothing

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Woodland’s baby shower

You know life can be crazy sometime, but sometimes life can give you unexpected opportunities to let your inner child out and just play. My neighbor whom is now a very good friend of mine, often asked me to style her parties. This one was particularly fun as the party was held in honor of her sister's first baby. The theme WOODLAND'S seems

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Boy’s to Men

As a mother it is never easy to make the transition from baby to child to pre-teen and oh dear I say it adult! One of my latest styling jobs had my most fun yet. The client: A mother of two growing boys. She wanted to surprise her boys with their new room. Key words: A place for them to study organization they

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A French Country Christmas

  My absolute favorite time of year! Decorating our home over Christmas allows me an opportunity to bring out the "bling". I am closeted "bling" girl. As much as I love the soft tones and patinas in old vintage pieces as secret side of me is always shouting for something a little more dramatic. Out come the tree and on goes the french

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Fix it with Flair

In June of this year, I finally plucked up the courage to enter our kitchen reno into one of SA design DIY magazines #Tuis/home #fixit. I have been buying the magazine for years and always admired the reno's that were featured. In fact it was many of them that peaked my interest in adding bricked up units and concrete counter tops. Much to my surprise

Fix it with Flair2017-11-28T12:03:57+00:00
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