#romanchingthehome challenge this week is a floral arrangement. I jumped at the opportunity! If you have read any of my blogs you will know that flowers play a huge role in my life and my home.

I was laughing the other day, that almost every picture I take has a flower in it…I have a problem…I know, but it is a good problem!

I have this stunning test tube vase holder that I just adore…I love it so much!

Its the easiest way to create a floral display with minimal flowers and in winter I literally fill it with green from the garden and it is still so beautiful. It has a little touch of gold and an industrial feel to it! I just had to have it!

This vessel is a foolproof way to make a floral arrangement without any technical skills at all! An alternative to this could be to use smaller vases or bottles of different hights in a row.

This weekend past I had a few moments to myself to stroll through the garden and I found myself randomly picking flowers. There were the most beautiful full rose blooms from my collection of  David Austin Roses, in soft nude tones and cottage style flowers. I picked a variety of them and added them to the test tube vase! it was perfect!

The smell is amazing! I love how they pop up at different levels and look as if they are growing in a meadow!

Now I know I am super spoilt and I have a huge garden filled with Roses and country garden flowers, but trust me when I tell you that the garden isn’t always so abundant. I love to have a floral display all year round, and there is a major misconception that faux flowers are a decor faux pa. But truly they not, take it from an interior decorator they are simply stunning! If you buy the best ones, spend a little more on good quality silk flowers you will be amazed at how lifelike they look!

I thought with this blog I would make a short tutorial video on a garden style faux flower display. Please check out my Instagram facebook account to view it.

It is very simple.

I always start with the backbone to my arrangements using a mix of greens in various shapes and clours. I wanted to keep this arrangement asymmetrical to give it a soft feel.

I always use groups of Three.

Don’t be afraid to cut to size, if you not so brave you can simply bend the stems to the desired height.

Next step is to add my focal flower and add in the fillers.

Top Tip: keep turning the pot around to check for any empty spots.

This blog got me thinking that I have such a deep love for floral arrangements that I created a page on my website Flowers by Ruffles & Rust for followers to share my love for flowers.

I will also be selling some of these arrangements and vases on my Facebook Market Place

I hope you take the time to pop over to my website page to see the magnitude of my obsession and some pretty floral arragments.

I have a really funny saying that I tell hubby when I come home with more plants. I simply tell him that “It’s way cheaper than a therapist” lol! 🙂

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Till next time friends!