Tablescape and Floral trends 2020

Hello…anyone out there…

It has been forever since I last wrote a blog…so please excuse me if I am a little rusty. But better late than never!

So here goes…

In December 2019, I was so blessed to take part of a collaborative effort with talent overload! Together us ladies could possibly take over the world but, trust me we would do it with flowers, romance and of course champagne!

Meet the team:

Venue: silverorangebistro
Planning, Conceptualising, Co-ordination: @_byblythe_
Photography: @jennastorey_xox
Flowers & Styling: @ruffles.rust
Crockery: @ginghamceramics
Stationery: @chrystalace
Cake: @cherry_whisk & @ruffles.rust
Tartlets, eclairs & macaroons: Patisserie de Paris
Wedding dress: @ellinicolebridal
Shoes: @ellinicoleshoes
Models: @rhemiviljoen7 and @hardus007
Make-up artist: @rebeca_makeupartistry

I met Blyth from ByBlyth at my Soiree event last year November, she introduced herself as a follower of my work and as the day went on my little Luna took a liking to her so we got chatting. She mentioned that she runs a Boutique events company and had an upcoming shoot she would like me to get involved with.

The brief was called “Rustic Provincial ” and well after Blythe had mailed me this beautiful brief, there was no question that I need to be involved! This was so my style and I can always do with more creativity and flowers in my life.

I approach most things with my gut instinct, I try not to over obsess with the finer details as they simply will come to me in the moment. Now I am not saying that a shoot like this does not take loads of time to put together and organize, but I had Blythe for this. The two of us are very similar in the way we approach things.

The Flowers:


Blush and Aubergine


On Trend

Romantic with a Rustic Vibe

Blythe and I met at the flower market the day before and I took her up to ASMER flower cold rooms, it like heaven…flowers from all over the world. The most exotic and beautiful flowers you have ever seen. The only limitation is your imagination.

I must admit that I had to contain my excitement and pretend to actually had a plan to my running from one corner to the next. It was the first time I had worked with Blyth and I was meant to be the one with the vision …. but I got simply lost in all the beauty…

However, I did manage to get my act together and make some decisions on the flowers.

We left the market both feeling extremely excited about the next day’s shoot and I could not wait to get to work!

As usual the flowers did take on a life of their own and what I had in my head and what it eventually turned out to be was nothing alike but everything I wanted all at once. I guess therefore I cannot shake the feeling that my life will become more and more intwined with flowers. They speak to me in a way that literally takes on a life of its own.

In keeping with trends and finding myself spending hours on YouTube watching floral tutorials, this arrangement was super on trend and so beautiful!



Garden like

Rustic elegance

If you are like me and want to learn more about floral design, I highly suggest following these accounts on Instagram and YouTube to get more inspiration.


Lucy The Flower Hunter

Cake, dress and everything in-between

Staying this rustic cake was simple but oh so beautiful! Fresh flowers and fruits played a big part of the decorating and are very on trend now. I love the mix of refined and imperfect all mixed into one. Like taking this beautiful French chair and topping it with the rustic cake…it was like everything came together in that moment and the shoot took on a life of its own.

Figs, Pomegranate and berries are so beautiful against this simple cake, nothing too overly fussy or overly decorated. Simple and elegant.

I think one could take this concept into any kind of entertaining, using and mixing fruits and flowers on your table, cheeseboard, gin bar will always seem to look like you have spent hours working on the detail, but in fact you have simply just worked all these wonderful natural elements that just look so beautiful together.

I guess what I am trying to say that simple elegance or rustic elegance is exactly that…simple!

Blyth also arranged shoes, stationary, a beautiful custom jewellery box that we styled in the same way. I love the shoes on top of my French tapestry pillow…reminded me of a fairy tale.

Our Models for the day were a lovely couple that had been married the week before and their passion towards each other brought every picture to life.

Jenna from Jenna Storey Photography and her husband are a dream team! I have had many years in the industry styling shoots and working with photographers, each of them with their own unique way of shooting and capturing the moment. It is no wonder Jenna loves to tell a love story through her photography, the essence of this shoot was captured so perfectly like she was looking at each detail with a literal “Rose Coloured Glasses”.  I think in this case pictures do speak a thousand words and I can not wait till I get to shoot with her again.

Now for the fun part…The Table

Before I start with the table …let me just tell you how absolutely stunning this venue was!!

Almost Orange We did a site visit a few days before and my imagination went wild… apparently, they serve tappas and gin on a Saturday…I think this is the perfect venue for my next birthday. Orchards of lemon and orange trees were the backdrop to this stunning rustic venue with big arched wooden doors and wine barrels, we found the perfect spot to set the table in a courtyard lined with gravel…it was simple stunning!

I kept the table simple with bear wood showing and added layers of stunning hand-embossed ceramics by my fav Gingham Ceramics. The beautiful elegant flat wear topped with gold-rimmed wine goblets; knotted napkins absolutely got all of us swooning. I truly feel that the trend is moving toward imperfect hand forged plates and dinner wear. Mixing the refined with the imperfect just has a beautiful way about it!

Flowers for the table were simple whimsey, I had two matching aged urns that flanked a vintage silver cloche. Little bowls of berries were dotted around the table. Once again simple and elegant. Tapered cream candles were held in simple glass holders adding a touch of elegance and simplicity.

A champagne bucket sat next to the table that held the most delicious blush bubbles, that of course we all got to enjoy after the shoot…We simply could not let it go to waste!

Walking off into the sunset!

The day and shoot came to a close and we all felt absolutely exhilarated as well as completely and utterly exhausted…it was over 42deg that day…even though you would never tell from the pictures, how we managed to keep those flowers alive who knows…But sometimes things just fall into place when you work with likeminded people and passion for beauty…

To top of everything we had the talented Fine Artist Kelly: Kegs Art water colour the entire setting! Honestly could it get more perfect than that!


I hope this has inspired all of you to try a little Rustic Provincial in your own life whether it be for entertaining friends or family or for a very special event that you have coming up. This shoot certainly inspired me to continue the newfound love of mine for flowers.
Stay tuned as I have somethings special up my sleeve…