Embracing the Feminine is this month RTH theme and I took the opportunity to spend quality time with my dear friend and fellow “foodie” Jen.

Jen and I have been friends for over 20 years, we have shared way too many special moments and this past Saturday was one of those special moments.


A few weeks ago, I posted a food pic on my IG account and Jen gave me a call, low and behold she is a “foodie” herself. So, we decided to set a date to have a “Girlfriends” day out.

Jen showed me how to make the most delicious spring rolls. I will share this recipe with you soon. 

But the highlight of the day was our trip to the local deli in Linden JHB,

This Place was like heaven, Jen and I spent hours in the shop working our way through isles and isles of delicious preserves, jams, olives and of course some delicious cured meats.

I took home, some fresh organic eggs, homemade lemon cordial, rose petal jam and a really amazing chili tomato jam. 

I love putting together cheese boards to my guests, on my IG stories I ran a poll to ask who would like me to do a DIY styling tutorial on how to put a beautiful cheese board together, 95% of you said yes. 

This was the perfect opportunity to buy some cheese for this shoot and of course, the best part of all is we got to taste. 

Most of the cheese in the shop come from local South African farms and let me tell you that I  that I went on a cheese hunt, during my last trip to Paris and these cheeses are some of the best I have ever had!

Funny story, my Paris trip lead me to an off the beaten track Market, I found the most divine goat milk cheese but it was so stinky. We had to hang the cheese outside our window in our hotel room…it was so stinky but so good!

Styling a cheese board is the most simple thing and best entre you can serve at a dinner party.

There are 5 key points to building a beautiful cheese board:

1: Most importantly cheese, have a selection of min 3 kinds of cheese: mild, soft, hard. I always put camambert on my board as this is a crowd pleaser. Blue cheese generally features and Picornio or any other mature hard cheese

2: Good crackers 

3: A good craft preserve or chutney, I always add a dollop on top of my camembert cheese

4: A selection of either fruit, dried fruit or cured meats

5: Something pretty – I love to put fresh herbs, a rose, or just pretty knives on my boards.

I hope this Tutorial will be of some use:

It was such a lovely day spent with an amazing friend. Sometimes all you need is a good girlfriend chat! Lifes little pleasures celebrating friendship and good food. 

What more could you want!

A little tip from me to you…”The stinkier the better”

The Cheese Gourmet 

Where? Corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street, Linden, Johannesburg
011 888-5384

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