It’s picnic time, No.4 in our series #romancingthehomesundays

A wonderful idea came up in our #romancingthehomesundays to fit in with our spring theme, I thought to myself that this is just the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the family. But to tell you the truth this one had me at a loss, I could not find the time or ideas. Its been such a crazy long week and my creative mind went on holiday with out telling me…

Its not like me to leave things to the last minute, but it’s quite funny how things sometimes just fall into place. I whipped this up in 5 minutes and it was a family winner. The kids and even my hubby have asked to do this more often. It kinda felt like we went out for the day, but we just had lunch in our own back yard.

At any given time I always have some cheese, preserves and fresh fruit in the fridge. My go-to-lunch on a Saturday afternoon is fresh bread, cheese and some lovely cold meats. Its just a no brainer for me on a busy weekend and everyone loves it.

Its quite simple to create a cheese board that looks like you have spent hours preparing, you need just a few ingredients. I have a collection of wooden boards in various sizes. For this occasion I used the smallest so filling the board was simple. I topped the camembert cheese with some delicious chillie jelly (I bought from Jasmyn at Hartbeespoort a while back) add some olives and crackers and you’re done! This year I decided to try pickle my own olives, not going to lie it is quiet a mission but you just can’t compare them to shop bought… they’re divine! There is an abundance of them in the house and they are simply delish! A top tip to add some style to your cheese board is to add a sprig or two of fresh herbs and some fresh fruit, any will do but a beautiful fig or pomegranate just looks beautiful.

I cut up some red onion, cucumber slices and some baby spinach to go with the smoked beef. I always have homemade pesto in the fridge so I whipped up some pesto mayo to go on the fresh panini bread.

I found these little jars with rubber sealers from Westpack for R15 each. A really cute and clever idea to keep everything fresh for your picnic.

Old fashioned lemonade with lavender and vanilla

I love growing lavender in my garden. Its such a versatile plant. I made a simple syrup with lavender and vanilla. You simply bring 2 cups of sugar and 4 cups of water to the boil with a hand full of lavender and 3 vanilla pods.

Leave to cool and add it to freshly squeezed lemon juice and water… whala …old fashioned lemonade with lavender and vanilla. My family loooooooooved it and so did I. Pat on the back for sure for this one.

Old fashioned lemonade with lavender and vanilla

After all life is what you make of it. A mantra I live by.

A challange to come up with something beautiful when the world around me was pulling me in a diffrent direction.

Sometimes you just need to slow down, take a challenge and let life happen. I loved this challenge for two reasons:

1 : The look on my girls faces when they came outside to a beautifully laid out picnic with some yummy lunch.

2: I found out that even though I thought I could not pull this off in time, I did and I did it in style.

It just dawned on me that life threw me lemons and I made lemonade.

Join us next week where we have tea for two… or three.. or… you get the picture.

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