Well, another week has gone by…can you believe it!

It really feels like the start of 2019 has been running at high speed and I feel like a hamster on a wheel…

Thank Goodness for goals…right???!!! The best part about Romancing the Home is that I get to be still for a while, give my house some love and relish in some creativity. I know it so difficult to prioritize the “not so important” things in life, but honestly, creativity is very important to me! To do things that feed my soul and add a little bit of romance and love to everyday life!

This weeks challenge we focused on an area in our home that had been once loved but somehow in the “cray cray” of life, we forgot about it…We all have one or two (or four or five;) ) of those in our homes.

After our kitchen/living area reno, I turned a funny little nook in the wall to a bookshelf area. Found some lovely old “Brookie lace” decorative hinges to uses as wall mounted braces for shelves.

I bought pine boards with all intentions of staining it…and styling it regularly to keep it fresh…however life happened and I just never got the chance…So the pinewood stayed untouched for ages and basically, the bookshelves became a place to just stash magazines or decor pieces that did not have a home.

I have been collecting a few blue and white ginger jars over the years and thought I would love to showcase them all in one place so that they will make more of an impact. They are beautiful on their own but if you ever browse Pinterest and if you read my m 2019 Decor goals you will see there is more than one image of stacked jars.

But where to start…

Sometimes its just one of those scenarios that you just can get your head around, I find the best way is to start with a clean slate.

I moved all the book, decor, magazines, ginger jars and framed pictures and put them in a pile on the floor, grouping each collection.

This way I can see what I have. I gave everything a good clean, removed the shelves painted them and now we ready to go.

Step one:

When dressing a bookshelf I work with a zig-zag pattern, if you draw an imaginary line with your eye you place your books on the shelves as such you will automatically create a pleasant flow to the styling of the shelves giving unique interest to each shelve.

Books being a common thread to each shelf I suggest starting with them. Lay some in a traditional manner and other stacked one on top of each other largest book at the bottom. laying the books horizontally you get to add a decor item to the top of the book adding more interested and creating a beautiful vignette.

arrange your books in a zig-zag step

Step Two:

Add focal points in the opposite direction, in this case, I used my blue and white ginger jars. Remember to group them in various sizes and shapes to keep things interesting.

position the large items in an opposite zig-zag step

Step Three

Add some other decor items, be sure not to over clutter. I have had to learn the art of editing. I now have storage space for all the extra decor items that I still love but can not always have out on display. It is better to keep things simple so that each piece speaks for itself.

Once again use various sizes and shapes. I love to lean pieces of art or framed photographs up against the wall as I did with this concrete filagree dish.

Last Step…promise!

Add some fresh flowers with a pop of colour! I think it makes all the difference. Faux flowers can work just the same but let’s be honest nothing beats fresh flowers!

I used some ginger jars as flower vases…hey why not!

I have to just share, that I was so chuffed with my creative book shelve that even my kiddos thought that I did a great job and noticed the change. I could not wait for hubby to walk through the door and say “Wow babe, looks great”…lol he did not even notice…MEN!

Join us next week when #romancingthehome gets really romantic with a bedroom update…I’m sure hubby will notice this one,*wink wink*

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