For me there is nothing better than to go outside to my garden a pick a bunch of beautiful roses and other seasonal flowers to place on the night stand, coffee station or kitchen counter tops.

I love a showy garden but sometimes I feel that to leave these beauties there for just a fleeting glance seems some what unfair to them.

Last year I tried my hands at Dahlia’s and boy was I surprised…They simply are stunning and bountiful. They truly are a great cut flower, due to their growing habits the more you pick the more you get.


I love the mix of roses and sweet peas, to me this made one of the most striking arrangements I have made. I find the tendrils of the sweet pea quiet whimsy.


Bulbs also tend to make a beautiful cut flower, Tuber roses are not only beautiful but fill the room with soft fragrance similar to the well known and well loved magnolia.


As a small child I would go out into the garden and pick the last rose in the garden to put next to my bedside table (much to my fathers dismay). My little Luna has picked up on the habit and is forever picking flowers and bringing them into the home. I often remember the look on my dad’s face when I see my prized rose not in a plastic cup…but one look at little Luna’s face and I melt.

Here are some posies I created for my bedside table. I love going to bed at night and the sweet fragrance from my fresh cut flowers gently take me to sweet slumber.

Here are some tips I use to keep my flowers lasting:

  • cut early morning or late in the evening – never in the heat of day
  • have a bucket of water ready to place your cuttings in
  • add a teaspoon of bleach into your water
  • remove all leaves that will be in contact with water as these decay and pollute the water.
  • replace water daily to keep your flowers fresher for longer.
  • Enjoy their beauty.

happy cutting…