This week has gone by in a flash! I can not believe that here we are again, another post for #romancingthehome

Seriously, this is why I love this series so much! Every week we have a challenge that pushes us to do better and above all create moments for our family that we ordinarily would have overlooked.

Last week I shared a very personal story, about my life and the love that my husband and I have for each other. So this week was a perfect opportunity to create a romantic dinner for two and re-connect.

But there was one problem…let me elaborate!

With life being so crazy, I could not believe that I had not planned the menu or décor for this week’s blog! Off I ran to #woollies to save the day…
I will share my menu with you shortly, but this Dinner for Two turned into a Dinner Gate Crash!
I had prepped the kids bathed, fed, homework and even allowed some screen time to give hubby and I few moments to ourselves.
The table was set using all my special vintage pieces and roses from the garden, lit all the candles and it looks amazing! I wanted to make this an extra special evening.
Steaks were just about perfect and there was a hoot at the gate???? What on earth! Seriously!!!!

My uncle was in the area and decided on an impromptu visit, which he never does! I could not believe our luck! Hubby and I burst out laughing! Really!!!! Was this happening!!!

We scooted him around the other side of the garden out of sight, so he would not feel bad for gatecrashing our romantic dinner.

I had only prepared two steaks!

In my upbringing, you always feed your guests so, I landed up having the mash only and my uncle could not understand what “funny little rabbit food” was on the plate! To you and me, microgreens are super fancy and delicious…he had never heard of microgreens.

We landed up eating dinner with my uncle in the dining room, he was totally unaware of what he had just interrupted.

Once he had left Nuno and I burst out laughing…Just our luck!

At least I got some pretty pics and I am sure the steak was delicious…I would not know lol☹!

So let me share the Menu for a not so “romantic dinner”

Main Meal

Rump steak with lemon, herb and chili rub

Creamy mash potatoes

Garlic and herb butter

Microgreen side salad with sweet balsamic reduction dressing (AKA – rabbit food)



Woollies’ Madeleines

Garlic Butter:

Buy the best quality butter I used Lancewood 100grams (room temp)

2 large garlic cloves

Finely chopped parsley

Sea Salt flakes

Mix all ingredients together, roll the butter into a cling wrap to form a sausage roll like shape.

Freeze until needed

Cut slices and place on steak a while still hot

Decorating the Table

I have the very sweet little table outside our bedroom under a canopy of grape vines, my husband and I often have our weekend coffee there. It just a sweet little spot with a view of our chickens and garden. I thought this would be the perfect spot for our dinner.

I double layered the table with my vintage crochet clothes and without clutter, I placed our dinner wear without charger plates. layering each plate with silver antique napkins rings and embroidered serviettes.

The garden is in full bloom with all the rain we have had, and I love the color combination of burgundy ice-burg rose with the large pink climbing roses. The smell is amazing!

I added a few scattered candles and some old books to layer, giving an old-world charm. I love to decorate with books.

The silver ice bucket, I bought years ago at a vintage shop that was perfect for the table.

In the end, we did get to enjoy our espresso and French madeleines. They were divine! I guess the moral of the story is that you can simply laugh or cry in a situation like this…I think this is one story we will be telling for a while and guaranteed there will be laughs all around… I love life’s sense of humor.

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