Elevate Your Every Day

Life is short ... Buy the Roses! I'm so excited about this months theme, Elevate your everyday...What a lovely way to live! For the last few months I have been listening to Pod Casts while driving in the car, I find the quiet time allows me to really taken in all the information with out too many distractions. There are many podcasts

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I Got That Hygge Feeling

It's a Feeling, Not something you can buy! Wow, it's been a while....Got to admit that being away on holiday for so long it is really hard to bring myself back to reality. But what a wonderful topic to write my first blog post on since my return. Talia from My Shabby Shack has been telling me about this Danish Word called

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A Masculine Bathroom

Romancing the Home for the Month of June, we embrace the Masculine. Hi Friends, shew another week! It is almost time for my overseas trip and I am so so excited! I feel like a spoilt brat!!! Yes, I am spoilt... London, Sicily, and Prague! However, I am feeling under the weather and trying to nurse myself back to full health before

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The She Shed

The She Shed...yes you heard me... it's like a man cave but for girls!! I have this strange little outbuilding at the bottom end of my garden that the previous owner of the house would use to house all his garden tools. This little room would fascinate and frustrate me...It had 4 walls, cute window, tin roof and pretty much nothing else.

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Girl Friends Day Out

Embracing the Feminine is this month RTH theme and I took the opportunity to spend quality time with my dear friend and fellow "foodie" Jen.Jen and I have been friends for over 20 years, we have shared way too many special moments and this past Saturday was one of those special moments.  A few weeks ago, I posted a food pic on my IG

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What My Mamma Taught Me

"All that I am, or Hope to be, I owe to my Mother" Abe Lincon Another week and another Romancing the Home, Its mothers day, and I have to tell you I have the best Mommy in all the world!I'm going to keep this one short and sweet - Just like my mom! ;)I thought I would touch briefly on a few points, my

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Embracing The Feminine – My girls bathroom reno

Embracing the Feminine, Romancing the Home Challenge for the month of May.We decided to play things up a little and give our self a little more creative freedom by using a broad theme, that will allow each of these Talented ladies, to work with their strengths.Stacy, Saw Dust, and High Heels, is a DIY guru! Talia, My Shabby Shack is an incredibly talented artist, baker, and

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Vintage Finds

We all have a secret obsession...what is yours?  So I call it a "secret obsession", but let me be brutally honest....there is nothing secret about my obsession with anything Vintage!This week Romancing the Home Came up with a theme for the week called "Vintage Finds"... as much as this should have been an easy one for me, it was not!...the problem is...I have way

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Easter Table Scape

Setting a festive Easter table is such fun!!! You can let your inner child come out to play a little.I tried to keep things super simple and easy by keeping the decor light and colourfull. Instead of a fancy underplate, I used these faux grass squares that I have had for many years! you will be surprised how many times I have been able to

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Easter Fun with the Kids

Easter time is one of my favorite times of the year. In the Christian calendar, this ranks higher than that of Christmas. Why...??? Well In our faith that Jesus the son of God gave his life for our eternal life in heaven, God gave his only son. Growing up, my mom always taught me the true significance of Easter but until I was a parent myself,

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