The She Shed

The She Shed...yes you heard me... it's like a man cave but for girls!! I have this strange little outbuilding at the bottom end of my garden that the previous owner of the house would use to house all his garden tools. This little room would fascinate and frustrate me...It had 4 walls, cute window, tin roof and pretty much nothing else.

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Vintage Finds

We all have a secret obsession...what is yours?  So I call it a "secret obsession", but let me be brutally honest....there is nothing secret about my obsession with anything Vintage!This week Romancing the Home Came up with a theme for the week called "Vintage Finds"... as much as this should have been an easy one for me, it was not!...the problem is...I have way

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Up-cycle project

This week was a huge challenge for me, I have to admit! I have always been someone to take a challenge and run with it...however...I need help on this one!Romancing the Home put a topic forward and I thought, I had a big plan that happened to coincide with my Decor Goal 2019I had been on the lookout for a new TV cabinet, for the

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Flowers and Food

Flowers & Food, No.10 in our series #romancingthehome   This weeks challenge was to incorporate flowers in food... Immediately I thought to include my Aunty Winnie's homemade Turkish delight. We made a huge batch for my 40th and all my friends have been asking how we made it so here goes: Ingredients 30grm gelatine lemon juice from

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