The She Shed…yes you heard me… it’s like a man cave but for girls!!

I have this strange little outbuilding at the bottom end of my garden that the previous owner of the house would use to house all his garden tools. This little room would fascinate and frustrate me…It had 4 walls, cute window, tin roof and pretty much nothing else.

I knew I wanted to make the most of this space as it really was an eyesore in a focal point in the garden. Demolishing it was not an option as you can always use some extra space. I have often wondered to myself..what on earth were they thinking of building this shed in such a place!!! I urgently planted ticky creeper all the way around the shed so that it would blend into the garden, I’m so grateful that this was one of the first things I did as it has taken about 4 years for it to cover most of the walls.

At the local salvage yard, we found a cute little stable door that we had installed and found some reclaimed shutters and added this to the room, painted the raw concrete floor white. Huge improvement but I knew this little spot had more to offer but what????

for a while, it became a place to house extra towels for the pool and all the pool chemicals, but I still had bigger plans.

Since buying the house and not knowing a thing about gardening, I have since become a “gardener” I say this in apostrophes as I don’t do any of the heavy liftings my amazing gardener Johnny from Malawi helps we out once a week, not to say I don’t like getting my hands dirty.’

My garden and my love for gardening have taken on a life of it’s so much so that, my garden was featured in the Tuis/HOme mag in Jan this year, I will do a full blog on this soon. In saying all of this, a Potting shed would be perfect for this little room in my garden and being the person that I am I had to make it extra pretty and perfectly feminine. My, she shed!

I went about getting a water point, basin, and tap to the room. Electricity with sweet lantern lighting in the garden and a little light for inside…(you never know when I would want to garden at night…right???) lol.  I had a lovely old kitchen hutch that I no longer wanted after my kitchen reno that had beautiful character and lots of extra storage. This would become my potting bench. The hutch has a lovely space to layer all my terra-cotta pots and with the use of baskets and some sweet little ornaments, the room has more charm than I could ever have dreamt of.

We also replaced two sheets of tin roofing to a clear fiberglass sheet to let more light in, giving it a greenhouse feel.

Luna and I love starting our seedlings in the potting shed. After each season I harvest sweetpea seeds, poppy seed, and many others. The room is so multi-used now that hubby still gets to keep the pool equipment and pool towels but making use of a small space can be tricky but certainly not impossible.

This room is just so sweet and functional and I just love it!

Till next time friends, hope there is a little space in your home to call your own. A place that brings you joy. My little she shed certainly does.

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