So…I found myself sitting one lazy Sunday waiting hours of YouTube. When I came across a stunning UK series called “The Great British Garden Revival”.

They take you on an incredible journey (that is if you are a lover of plant)…if not you would run like my husband did! Anyway back to my story…. They chatted  episode by episode on all the beloved garden plants, Roses (one of my absolute favorite) – I have over 300 rose bushes growing in my garden….it not nearly enough! lol, and other many beautiful plants….

They Then the episode came on where they were trying to revive the “TOPIARY” trend…I have always loved topiary but I have to admit that I feel somewhat inadequate when it comes to my sculpting skills. Then they lady that was being interviewed threw out a suggestion. It went something like this…”Everyone should have a topiary in their garden, even it is a bunny in the corner of your garden” as soon as she said that a light bulb went off…Thats it! I would plant four Buxus and get a local wire artist to sculpt me 4 Bunnies. One for each member of the family. They would sit in the corner of the garden and look as if they were admiring my garden.

So I set into motion to find a wire artist and I did!!! yipee! …

I will be posting soon on what they came out soon….