Just an ordinary week night and a bottle of stunning  wine from a beautiful wine farm in the Cape #Babylonstoren. (We will be visiting the farm on our trip to the cape in November) with #fixitwithflair2017.

In true South African style we decided on a Braai. (for those who are not from SA – better known as a Barbecue)

lights 4

Nuno and I built the pergola/braai area as our first Reno and  after not knowing what to plant over the pergola I finally decided on Bougainvillea white and pink. The boganvilla has had 3 years now to start canopying over the pergola, I think a decision well made…I sat back and enjoyed the fruits of our labor as the fairy light and bougainvillea gave us such a performance.

What could be better than good food, good wine and some sparkle!