This week was a huge challenge for me, I have to admit! I have always been someone to take a challenge and run with it…however…

I need help on this one!

Romancing the Home put a topic forward and I thought, I had a big plan that happened to coincide with my Decor Goal 2019

I had been on the lookout for a new TV cabinet, for the longest time. My lounge space is small and this is the 3rd unit in…I’m hoping this will be 3rd time lucky!

I found this beautiful TV unit on FB market place and bought it for a steal! I made sure the measurements inside of the unit would accommodate the size of my TV.  I wanted a unit that could be closed off when we were not watching TV to make the room more guest friendly.

It had all the correct components to turn it into something very pretty! I had big plans for this beauty!

A little tip: Don’t be shy to ask if the price is negotiable. this unit I got R500 off the asking price by just asking! 

I wanted to add in a little detail to the front of the doors, so I had to remove the inner wooden panels to make room for some custom ironwork.

This is where my handy work needs a lot of help. I asked my “handy guy” William who does some handy work around my property, to help me jigsaw the panels out of the unit.

I had these wrought iron panels made to size by a local artisan. They have a stand at a market at Hartbeespoort Dam. They have made many, many items for me in the past including my custom made a chicken coop.

I rusted the metal by using a water and vinegar solution. The acid in the vinegar speeds up the rusting process. I applied this over a layer of “old white” Annie Sloan paint to get the desired effect.

I wanted to add Mercury glass behind the ironwork. I have always loved the look of mercury glass but buying Mirror especial custom Mirror is so expensive.

I watched a few tutorial videos on how to make my own and lucky enough I found a product locally made in SA by Rustoleum Mirror Effect Spray

I made a quick tutorial on my youtube channel to show exactly how I did it! I think the effect is perfect! Trust me it is as easy as it looks.

Lastly, this part I need no help with and obviously my favorite part…styling! I added these French Ticking curtains to the back of the mirror as when the doors are open it would be nice to have a little something pretty to look at.

The unit is not very tall, so I thought I would add some height to it by using and old wicker basket with Olive branches and some delft ginger jars. I did not want the styling to be overly fussy. 

I have my eye on some new ginger jars and a more rustic basket, but alas I will have to wait to add these to my collection. Rome was not built in a day!

I have many upcycle project in my home, too many to share at this moment. But I promise to share them very soon with you.

Until then please check out these talented ladies! You honestly will be amazed at what they have been able to upcycle!

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