We all have a secret obsession…what is yours?


So I call it a “secret obsession”, but let me be brutally honest….there is nothing secret about my obsession with anything Vintage!

This week Romancing the Home Came up with a theme for the week called “Vintage Finds”… as much as this should have been an easy one for me, it was not!…the problem is…I have way too many “Vintage Finds” My entire house including the house is a vintage find!!!

I thought to myself, the best would be to show you a collection of Botanical prints I have been collecting that may not technically be “Vintage” and some antique silver pieces that I have used in unique ways. 

Botanical Prints

I have a long passage in my home leading up to the bedrooms and bathroom and all my botanical prints and vintage plates line the walls, I have plans to add some paneling and wallpaper to the passage, so stay tuned!

Top: Botanical is just a print I decoupage to a vintage frame, I wanted to show how I use my vintage plates to display and frame the botanicals

Middle: The two pints in the middle are original prints by P.J. Redoute and must be worth something, they were part of an auction sale from the famous “Westcliff” hotel. Sadly I only managed to get my hands on these two. They were also the reason I started to collect Botanicals.

Bottom: A vintage botanical tapestry that I found in a second-hand shop age ago, it had no frame and had been damaged around the edges.

This beautiful set of Rose prints again from a famous botanical artist P.J.Redoute (click on the link to read more)

Pierre-Joseph Redouté (10 July 1759 – 19 June 1840), was a painter and botanist from Belgium, known for his watercolours of roseslilies and other flowers at Malmaison, many of which were published as large, color stipple engravings.[1] He was nicknamed “the Raphael of flowers” and has been called the greatest botanical illustrator of all time

I bought these prints at a steel of Fb market place! Sadly I have yet to hang them… 

The next lot of signed original prints I have is from a SA artist called “Joy Boyce” A colleague of mine gave me these prints after I had helped her with her kitchen reno….I could not believe my luck! it was her grannies work and she had a few sets of the signed copies and decided to gift me one set! How spoilt am I???!!!

Vintage Silver


Now we talk about Vintage silver… I have been collecting for years! I have a favorite shop on the way down to KZN it the smallest church in SA and it has a little vintage tea shop that sells the most beautiful pieces! It is one of my holiday highlights…much to my husband’s delight!

These are merely a few of my treasured finds…

I thought I would show you how I use my vintage silver in many ways…As we head into Autumn I love to bring the garden indoors. Growing bulbs inside is super easy and its a delight to see them grow.

Here I have potted some bulbs in a vintage urn and in a silver gravy pot… I think they look adorable.

Vintage silver bowels hold all my washing up brushes, they look so pretty and hey…who would mind doing dishes if you doing them in style!

A pretty little pot with a bone handle lid keeps all my rooibos tea bags at my Tea and Coffee station. (click on the link to read more) 

A little milk jug to hold vintage teaspoons.

Lastly, this vintage cut out silver dish that holds all my condiments for cooking…You can read more about how I have used “Pretty and Practical” ideas in my kitchen.

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