“All that I am, or Hope to be, I owe to my Mother” Abe Lincon

Another week and another Romancing the Home, Its mothers day, and I have to tell you I have the best Mommy in all the world!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet – Just like my mom! 😉

I thought I would touch briefly on a few points, my mom taught me while growing up. These lessons I have learned throughout my life have made me who I am today. 

My mom just turned 70 last year and we both shared our big birthdays together. In Feb 2017 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, other than just wanting my husbands arms around me at the time…I wanted my mommy! You never too old to want your mommy!

She was my pillar of strength and my spiritual guide throughout this difficult time. In August of that year, my mom got deathly ill and landed up in ICU for over 3 months. I thought on many occasions that I would lose her! It was the darkest time in my life and losing my mom would have been the worst.

Thank be to God we were both spared and we both look upon that time in our lives as a miracle, not only that we came out of it “almost” one piece, but it gave us both a new perspective on love, life and our spirituality.

I was grateful to have been able to care for my mom, wash her, feed her and take care of her, even though I myself was so very fragile. The love a mom has for her children is infinite, and I have to tell you the love I have for my mom has made me a better mom.

Ok, so enough of the mushy stuff…although that what moms are all about…

These lessons my mom has taught are the lifeline, I use in my everyday. This is how I have learned to keep my home a sanctuary to all my family, extended family and guests:

  1. Always put God First – We are nothing if we don’t put God in our lives, every decision every moment we need to include him. My mom always used to bless us before bedtime with the sign of the cross on our forehead and I do the same with my babies.
  2. Family comes first – Sitting at the table to enjoy a meal together and keep communication open with each other is vital, We never sat in front of the TV to eat a meal.
  3. Food, Food, and more Food – My mom is a Lebanese lady and food is always the heart of every conversation, and when I say food I mean food. Food for days. My entire family are this way inclined, there is always a spare plate of food for the impromptu guest. 
  4.  Always act like a lady – I find this especially true in the workplace, know your worth, Know that you will always be able to be proud of your home, your body and that you can hold your head high.
  5. Forgiveness – Forgiveness is a hard one to do. My mom has always taught me to pray for those that do harm to me and to try and let things go. Don’t hold grudges and don’t let hurt and hate fester. As a child, I was never allowed to use the word “hate”. I have to admit that I do find it hard to forgive sometimes, but when I do it is so freeing and even though I don’t forget I do my best to forgive.
  6. Keep your home neat and tidy – My mom was a working mom, Saturdays she would attend to all her clients at her hairdresser and would expect to come home to a clean house. As children, we were taught to clean up after yourself, load and unpack the dishwasher and do many other household chores. It is so vital that our children grow up to appreciate their homes and respect what you have.
  7. Open doors – Growing up our house what the “party” house! hardly ever was there a weekend without family and friends over. My childhood is full of beautiful special family moments, loads of kids, family, poker in the breakfast room after lunch and so many other amazing moments that I am blessed with. 
  8. Tea – Tea makes everything better…

I could go on forever about all the amazing lessons my mom has taught me, I am so blessed we still have each other and I do my utmost to make every moment count.

I want to share with you a special moment that was captured for the “garden party” shoot for Tuis/Home Magazine. My mom and I got to prepare some Lebanese recipes together and we got some very special pictures of the two of us.

Here is the recipe for the two dishes we made…


p.s: Love you, my mommy… Thank you for being the most perfect mother and role model! There is nothing in the world that I would not do for you!


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Until  next time, Happy Mothers day to all the Mommy’s

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